• May 2021 Administrative Update

    Brian D. Russ, Superintendent

    Brian D. Russ 


    As I reflect on the most challenging of school years, I recognize that while we faced uncertainty and experienced a sense of loss, I am immensely impressed with what we have accomplished.  Beginning from the top, our Board of Education has devoted countless hours to ensure that necessary resources were available to create a robust academic program while supporting the social/emotional needs of our students.  Our administrator’s steady, creative and devoted leadership has gone a long way to reassure our students and staff as we progressed through an ever changing learning environment.  Our faculty and support staff have been innovative in their instructional design, created learning environments that are inviting and have gone above and beyond to support students’ personal well-being.  This success is based on a partnership and would not have been possible without the support and patience of our parents.

    I want to express my deepest gratitude to our families for their on-going support of the District over the last 15 months.  The numerous notes of encouragement went a long way towards helping us maintain our focus on the academic progress and social/emotional well-being of our students.  As we witness a greater sense of negativity across the country, our community has risen above to maintain a sense of kindness, decorum and mutual respect.  This is essential to ensure a strong partnership and the long-term success of our students and the District as a whole.

    We have faced numerous challenges and I am most proud of our students, families and staffs’ dedication and ability to approach each challenge with respect, grace, dignity and empathy. Their capacity to stay focused on the greater good has created new opportunities for our students to grow, not only as learners but, as positive members of the larger community. 

    As we look forward to the fall, it is our hope to have all students return on a full-time basis.  This, of course, is based on our ability to maintain a safe environment for our students and staff.  We are working on plans A, B and C.  We will begin meeting with the Reopening Task Force in May once we receive the latest guidance from the Governor’s office and State Education Department.  Keeping you informed of our progress is a top priority. We welcome your input and encourage you to continue to submit questions and concerns via reopen@eak12.org.

    What makes our District WNY’s finest is not our scores on assessments, the number of athletic championships accrued nor our Business First ranking.  What makes our District WNY’s finest and East Aurora a wonderful place to live and raise a family, is our people.  Again, I want to thank our students, staff and community for the positive and respectful relationship that we share.  It is the foundation on which our organization is built and will sustain us moving forward!