• December 2020 Administrative Update

    Travis Moore, Asst. HS Principal

    Travis Moore

    Assistant High School Principal

    Fall Fest, a New Tradition at East Aurora High School

    Throughout the past year, many people have talked about how society will need to move to a ‘new normal’. East Aurora High School decided to do an entirely different spin on this idea, and created a new tradition that could become a ‘new normal’ for EAHS students. This new tradition is Fall Fest.

    The idea for Fall Fest originated with the homecoming planning committee. Because the annual homecoming activities were cancelled due to health restrictions, the committee began brainstorming a creative replacement for the traditional festivities. As they collaborated and discussed, the concept for Fall Fest was born.

    Fall Fest began on Monday, October 26th. Students and staff were invited to don their favorite cozy fall sweater, and engage in classroom competitions held using Google Meet.  The first competition was a rousing trivia contest between homerooms. As Assistant Principal, I had the honor of emceeing the event. Homerooms tuned-in and listened as I posed questions through Google Meet and then raced to answer as quickly as possible.  The competition was ferocious, but Ms. Hailey’s classroom emerged victorious for the Blue Group, and Ms. Marchioli’s classroom took victory honors for the Red Group.  Following the trivia contest, participants transitioned to a donut-eating contest in which each homeroom selected 3 students to consume donuts as fast as possible. Their attempts were chased down with delicious apple cider, furnished by Mayer Brothers, courtesy of the EAHS Spirit Club.

    On Tuesday, the festivities kicked into high gear providing a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for all students to enjoy. The annual costume contest was held as students throughout the building competed for the best, scariest and most unique costume awards. Venturing outside, grade-level cohorts assembled for competitive outdoor activities.  Students clashed with one another over who was most efficient at stacking plastic cups, who was best able to knock over plastic cups placed on the ground, and who was the premier pumpkin seed scooper.

    After champions were determined, students transitioned to the soccer field for the main event: The Pumpkin Trebuchet.  Prior to Fall Fest, our Technology teachers, Ryan Wall and Brian Cray, labored feverishly to build a towering 20-foot working trebuchet that could launch pumpkins nearly the length of a football field. Donated by the Shillings Family Farm, each homeroom selected and decorated a pumpkin they felt would hurl the furthest. Pumpkins were soon sent soaring through the East Aurora skies. Delighted students cheered as pumpkins flew and were even more thrilled to witness them crashing and splattering over the field, scattering pumpkin seeds and pulp as far as the eye could see.

    Fall Fest week culminated with a special event for the Class of 2021: Senior Movie Night.  At 8pm on Friday night, seniors were invited to return to campus for a special evening designed exclusively for them. Upon arrival, students passed the time listening to music and playing badminton in the gym until 9pm when they assembled to view a spooky movie of their choosing.  After a class vote, the 1980’s classic Beetlejuice was selected.  Popcorn, courtesy of the Aurora Theater, as well as hot chocolate and apple cider, provided by the Senior class Executive Board, provided the evenings refreshments.

    By the end of the week, students were definitely smiling (behind their masks), inspired by and reminded of the wonderful school and community they are a part of. It is our hope that the new tradition of Fall Fest will become a ‘new normal’ that students will enjoy for years to come.