• Practice & Game Attendance Requirements

    It is important that athletes report for the first day of practice during any season of the year. Some EA teams make cuts. From year to year the teams having to make cuts will differ, therefore assume that every team will be going through this process. The try-out process lasts for approximately three days.  Therefore missing any of these days will create a situation where an otherwise qualified athlete may not make the team.

    Individual coaches establish attendance requirements for team membership and communicate this to athletes and parents within the first three days of practice.  Generally, athletes are expected to attend all practices and contests unless there are circumstances beyond the athlete’s control (i.e. illness, injury, death in the immediate family). Absences for other reasons such as conflicts with a job; another sport or musical; or other events chosen by an athlete must be preapproved by the coach.  Coaches will review these reasons with the athlete and his/her parents.



Last Modified on October 19, 2020