• Back To School Art Supplies!


    Dear Parents,


    With much uncertainty still remaining for this Fall, it is looking like the best option will be for student’s to purchase a few  basic items dedicated specifically to Art class. Although we don't yet know what class will look like, early preparation could allow you to take advantage of  back to school supply sales during the summer. Please provide individual supplies for each child that you have enrolled at Parkdale Elementary.

    We all recognize that  these are unprecedented times. If you have questions or difficulty please contact the school or myself. Thank you in advance. 


    Please note -  If your items differ slightly from the list that is fine. You possibly have many of these items already around the house. They do not need to be brand  new or complete sets if that presents difficulty.  Remember, we are all just doing the best that we can.


      Sincerely, Ms. White         (mwhite @eak12.org)

    All items will need to be clearly labeled with your child's full name

    2-   Black Sharpie Fine Permanent Markers


    1-   Crayola Crayons 24 color pack


    1-   Crayola Broad Line or Conical Tip - Classic Colors  “WASHABLE” Markers 8 color set


    2-   Sharpened Pencils


    1-   Large Pink Eraser


    1-   Child size Scissors


    1-   Elmer's Extra Strength 77 oz. Glue Stick


    1-   Crayola Watercolor Paint Assorted Colors with Paint brush (8 color set)


    1-   Crayola Color Pencil 8 or 12 color set assorted colors


    2 -   One Gallon Size Zip Lock Bags to store and transport  Art supplies  (one inside the other for support) 




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