• Specials Schedule - 2020-2021
    Lunch - 10:40-11:15
    Recreation - 1:45-2:10
    Each day the students will go to outdoor rec (weather permitting). Extra boots, snow pants, hats, gloves, etc. can be stored in the cubbies in the winter. When it is raining or the wind chill is too cold, the students will go to indoor rec. Students will be able to use their cubbies to store a bag of toys from home that can be used for indoor rec. 
    A Day - Art 2:20-3:00
    B Day - PE 2:20-3:00
    C Day - Music 11:20-12:00
               Library 2:20-3:00
    D Day - PE 2:20-3:00
    E Day - STEAM 9:10-9:40
                  Music 11:20-12:00
    F Day - PE 2:20-3:00