• Welcome to Intro to Algebra 


         Welcome to Introduction to Algebra! This course focuses on the foundational skills required for Common Core Algebra. Successful completion of Introduction to Algebra will prepare students for Common Core Algebra next year.


    Supplies:        2-3 inch Binder with loose leaf paper

                          12 Dividers for the binder

                          TI-84+ Graphing Calculator

                          Pens, pencils and highlighters


    Homework:   Homework will be assigned every day.  Some homework will be collected and graded while other assignments will be checked for completeness.  You will earn 2 points for assignments completed. You must complete or make a good attempt at completing each problem in order to receive full credit. All work must be shown.  Assignments with answers only will not be accepted. Homework is due in class the next school day, unless otherwise noted.  We will be going over homework daily. You are to correct your paper as we go over it. Homework should be kept in your binder. Work missed due to absence from class must be completed and handed in by the next class day.  Incomplete, collected assignments may only be made up after school at the discretion of the teacher.  We will assign Activity Period for any homework not completed.