• May 2020 Administrative Update

    Matthew Brown, Middle School Principal

    by: Matthew Brown

    Middle School Principal

    As the 2019-20 school year started, we never imagined it would be the year that will be remembered for ‘Covid-19’ and our exploration in ‘Remote Learning’, which began on March 16th and will continue for the duration of the school year.  We are faced with many unimaginable challenges, truly an unprecedented time.  At times such as this, it is easy to lose engagement, show frustration, and become distant.  The entire East Aurora community (faculty, staff, parents, students and community members) did just the opposite.  We rose to the occasion and supported each other, more than ever, demonstrating what makes East Aurora such an incredible place.  

    Thank  you to the faculty and staff for spending countless hours ensuring our students and their families continued to get the support they deserve.  Developing new instructional plans with no warning is close to an impossible task.  East Aurora teachers demonstrated their ability to adapt by using live virtual class meetings, pre-recorded lesson videos, open office hours, and many more creative ways to maintain strong connections with students, which remains our primary focus.  Not only did they accomplish this daunting task, they excelled!  Their focus never wavered in pursuing every possible means to remain connected with their students. The dedicated support of the Districts Technology department helped create an environment where teachers and students could comfortably navigate these new ways of learning. 

    Additionally, the District has remained connected by continuing to provide students and families with school lunches.  Just as instruction has moved out of the actual classroom, food service has moved beyond the physical structure of the cafeteria as well.  Upon learning of the extended closure, teacher aides, food service provider (Personal Touch), transportation provider (First Student Busing) along with district administration quickly formulated a system to deliver healthy breakfasts and lunches for any student living in our community, aged 18 and under, regardless of financial status or school of enrollment.  Each week we serve an impressive 25,000 of these meals and receive just as many smiles in return!

    Parents, thank you for all of your patience, flexibility, and support throughout this journey.  We recognize the challenges placed on you as you adjust and serve a different role in your child’s education.  Your involvement and collaboration has been as more than impressive 

    Students, you have inspired us all!  It would have been easy to ‘tune out’.  You did just the opposite.  You found new ways to be leaders in the school community and remain engaged.  We appreciate all you are doing to demonstrate strength by staying physically distant while remaining socially connected.  We appreciate the videos, messages and signs that you send to the school.  YOU are the reason we are here.  We are all proud of your efforts!

    While we continue to work through this pandemic, we vow to remain connected and focused on supporting our students and their families.  Please visit our District website at eastauroraschools.org and go to the ‘Covid-19 Communications Center’ link.  Here you will find all the communications the District has shared in addition to several supporting resources for students and families.   

    Again, thank you EA for your unwavering support.  We will get through this together and I am confident that we will be stronger in the long run.  #oneEA