• February 2020 Administrative Update

    Joanne George, School Business Administrator

     by: Joanne George

    School Business Administrator

    East Aurora Union Free School District - Capital Outlay Projects

    Capital Outlay Prjects are a cost-effective method for New York State school districts to help maintain their facilities in a safe, good working order. 

    East Aurora Union Free School District included a proposed $100,000 Capital Outlay Project in its 2019-20 budget development process, and was approved by voters at the annual budget vote on May 21, 2019.

    The 2019-20 project includes the replacement of window balances at the Middle School and the repair/replacement of sidewalks and curbs at the Middle School North Grove entrance.

    The window balances are integral hardware components that assist with the opening and closing of window units. Over time, with normal daily use, balances deteriorate. The Middle School last saw upgrades to windows in 1974-75 and a large number of the current balances have begun to fail and need replacement. The district accepted bids for the window balance replacements on January 30, 2020 at 2:00 p.m., with work scheduled to begin in April.

    Various sections of the sidewalk and curb along North Grove, from Fillmore to Main Street, are also in need of repair. The District accepted bids for these items at 2:00 p.m. on January 30, 2020 as well. This bid included various sections as alternates in order to try to complete as much of this work as possible in one Capital Outlay Project.

    The 2019-20 Capital Outlay Project will generate approximately $60,000 in building aid as a revenue stream in the 2020-21 budget year. With this in mind, the district will be discussing another Capital Outlay Project during the 2020-21 budget development process, which in turn, will generate approximately $60,000 in building aid in the 2021-22 budget year.

    Finally, the District is proud to announce that it has, once again, received the highest level of recognition from the Utica National School Safety Excellence Award Program. Five of the past six years the District has received the Titanium with Honors level award, a prominent designation we can all be proud of.