• School Policies


    Regular attendance at school and timely arrival each day is very important to your child’s success.  However, if your child is ill and absent on a given day, please contact the Attendance Office at 687-2353 that morning and indicate the nature of his/her illness or reason for the absence.  A written note must be sent in when your child returns to school stating why s/he was absent.


    If your child is absent due to a family vacation, a journal will be sent home from the office for your child to complete while away.  Any missed schoolwork will be saved for your child while s/he is absent, but we cannot send work home ahead of time.



    If a student arrives at school late, s/he must be signed in at the office or the greeter’s desk before going to the classroom.  Please make every effort to have your child to school on time so s/he is not behind in work that day.


    Early dismissal

    If you plan to pick up your child from school early, please send in a note that morning.  Your child will be signed out from the office or the greeter’s desk upon your arrival.  The secretary will call your child from the classroom.  Under no circumstances would a student be released to anyone but a parent or guardian without specific written permission.


    Visiting Parkdale

    When visiting the school for Activity Days or classroom parties, please stop at the greeter’s desk to sign in and receive a visitor’s pass.  Please keep in mind that most special days in Kindergarten are academic and, therefore, younger siblings cannot join us in the classroom. 


    If you wish to talk to your child’s teacher or visit the classroom, please contact the teacher ahead of time to make an appointment.