• Algebra II Prep

    Mrs. Yuhnke



    Welcome to math class and the new school year!  Algebra II Prep is a full year course dedicated to the study of advanced algebra, trigonometry, and statistics.  The course will conclude with a local final exam.   Below are some of the procedures and expectations you should be aware of:


     Required Materials:

    • 2-inch binder with plenty of paper.
    • TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator.
    • Lots of pens and pencils



    Course Grading Policy is about:

    Tests                                50%

    Quizzes                            20%

    Graded assignments         20%

    Daily Homework               10%




    • Tests and Quizzes. Expect quizzes to be given at least once a week.  Quizzes may or may not be announced.  Most quizzes will be based directly on homework questions, SO YOU MUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK EVERYNIGHT.  Quiz grades may also include notebook and/or calculator checks.

    Unit tests will be given at the end of each chapter covered.  Unit tests will often be composed of questions from old Regents exams, as it is important to become familiar with these types of questions.

    **The cumulative final counts as 20% of your final grade.




    • Expect homework to be given every night.  Homework assignments will reflect the material covered in that day’s lesson.  Unless otherwise noted, homework assignments are due at the beginning of the next class.  Homework may or may not be collected.  When collected, homework will be graded.  When not collected, homework will be checked for completeness.  Homework that is complete and has been given good effort with all work shown will full credit.  Incomplete homework (little work shown, only partially completed) will half credit, and missing homework or a homework with no work shown will receive no credit.

    ** No late homework will be accepted!




    • Graded Assignments. In addition to daily homework and in-class tests and quizzes, there will also be a number of graded assignments given throughout the year. This will most often occur on test days for review purposes.  Graded assignments are take-home, and therefore any resources that you have (notes, books) can be used.  Each student is expected to do his/her own work, and assignments that have been copied will receive a zero.  Graded assignments count as quiz grades, and like regular homework assignments, no late work will be accepted.




    • Behavior/Participation. In any mathematics class, participation is extremely important.  Participation includes volunteering and asking questions in class, working cooperatively with a partner or group members, and completing homework assignments.   You cannot be expected to participate in class if you are not practicing problems with your homework assignments.  Therefore, not doing homework not only hurts your homework and test grades, but it also hurts your ability to participate in class.  In addition, students are expected to behave appropriately at all times.  Behavior/participation is not formally graded, but will always be taken into account when it comes time to complete grades.






    Classroom Policies:

    • There is no eating or drinking in the classroom (except for water).
    • No cell phones are allowed in class. If your phone is out for any reason it will be confiscated.  This is your one warning.
    • Be on time to class! Being on time means that you are in your seat when the bell rings.  You will be written up if you are late three times in one quarter.
    • Always come to class prepared! It is expected that all materials will be on your desk when the bell rings so that class can begin on time.   Materials include homework, binders, calculators, and writing utensils.   Any student who is not at their desk with their materials when the bell rings will be considered late!
    • You must raise your hand if you a questions or an answer to a question.
    • The class ends when the lesson is complete. Do not pack up your things until you are told to do so. 
    • Once again, homework must be completed every night. Three incomplete homeworks in one quarter will result in a call home.
    • If you are absent for a class, it is your responsibility to get any notes and assignments that you missed. Any homework that was due the day that you were absent should be turned in the day you return to school.  Homework assignments that were assigned while you were absent need to be completed and turned in as soon as possible.   Daily assignments can be online and in your folders.  If you missed a test or quiz, this must be made up on your own time within 2 days of your return to school.  This time may be extended for long-term absences.  I will not chase you down and remind you of missing work.  It is your responsibility to get it done.  Any work that is not completed within the specified time will be recorded as a zero. 
    • It is expected that all students will be courteous and respectful to the teacher and one another. Any instance of disrespect will be responded to with immediate disciplinary action and a call home.





    There will be times throughout the year when some of you may struggle and need extra help.  Please take advantage of activity period where I will be available every morning for any questions that you might have.  I am also available most days after school.  Don’t be afraid to come to me for help or to ask questions in class.  That is what I am here for!  I look forward to a successful year together.