• Welcome to Physical Science (SRP)

    2021-2022 school year


    Mr. Evans

    Office B-177


    687-2300 Ext. 7158

    Mrs. Macauley

    Office B-218


    687-2300 Ext. 7004


    Course Description and Goals:


    So what is physical science?

         This course is a Regent’s preparatory course.  It is intended to provide the student with the scientific background and skills they will need to succeed in both the Earth Science Regents and Living Environment (biology) Regents courses.

         Students will engage in many activities that will help to reinforce the basic scientific principles, vocabulary, and procedures used in scientific endeavors.  Students will have an opportunity to carry out labs, make observations, perform calculations, and draw conclusions from data that they collect.

         Development of reasoning skills and problem solving strategies will benefit all students in further science coursework and other aspects of their lives.

         The course is designed to be activity-based, with numerous opportunities for students to develop skills in both individual and group settings to complete assigned tasks.



    • 2 or 3 inch three-ring binder
    • Blue or black pens and # 2 pencils
    • Highlighter
    • Loose-leaf, 3-hole paper
    • Charged chromebooks (provided)
    • Mask
    • Calculator (same as math class or a simple four function)


     Grades are weighted as follows:

     Class participation: 15%

    Homework 20%

    Lab activities 30%

    Tests/quizzes 35%

    Responsibilities of the Student: In Class


    • Students will remain in the hall 6 feet apart, against the wall, and wait until instructed to enter the classroom.
    • Once in the room,  backpacks should be placed in the back of the room and all your materials should be on your desk.
    • There will be an activity on the board, please begin working on this, you may use your notes to help you.
    • If there was homework, it should be on your desk in the right-hand corner.
    • If absent, you MUST check the google classroom for the homework and notes that were presented that day.  Presentations will not be recorded, however, the notes will be posted. You are responsible to make up all missed work.  If you have questions please use Google Classroom to send us a comment so we can help you. 
    • If you missed a test or quiz, you will make arrangements to make it up during a study hall.
    • Students who are missing assignments that will be gone over the next day will receive a zero for that assignment.  If a student misses a lab/class activity that takes several days to complete, due date, they will lose 10 points for each day they are late. 
    • No food or drink will be allowed in the science room or lab area.
    • Treat everyone with respect. We must work together to ensure everyone is successful.

    Responsibility of Student: Virtual

    • Sign in to Google Classroom
    • Have your computer microphone muted and headphones on.
    • There will be an “activity” on the board, please begin working on this, you may use your notes to help you.
    • If there was homework, you need to have submitted this by the start of class. 
    • If you have any questions, you need to submit them in the chat section and we will get to them at stop points during the lesson.


    Midterm Exam:  This will be at the end of the 1st semester.  It will include all the science from the 1st and 2nd quarters.  It will have a Multiple choice and lab component.

    Final Exam:  Will be given in June and include material from the entire year.  This will also have a multiple choice and lab component. 

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