• Welcome to Physical Science

    2019-2020 school year


    Mr. Evans

    Office B-177


    687-2300 Ext. 7158

    Mrs. Macauley

    Office B-218


    687-2300 Ext. 7004


    Course Description and Goals:


    So what is physical science?


         This course is a Regent’s preparatory course.  It is intended to provide the student with the scientific background and skills they will need to succeed in both the Earth Science Regents and Living Environment (biology) Regents courses.

         Students will engage in many activities that will help to reinforce the basic scientific principles, vocabulary, and procedures used in scientific endeavors.  Students will have an opportunity to carry out labs, make observations, perform calculations, and draw conclusions from data that they collect.

         Development of reasoning skills and problem solving strategies will benefit all students in further science coursework and other aspects of their lives.

         The course is designed to be activity-based, with numerous opportunities for students to develop skills in both individual and group settings to complete assigned tasks.




    • 2 or 3 inch three binder
    • Pens and pencils
    • Highlighter
    • Loose leaf paper


    If you forget your binder, you must copy the notes onto a sheet of paper that day and see us during activity period the next day to make sure they are placed in your note packet for that chapter. There will be scored notebook checks.



    Grades are weighted as follows:  


    Class participation:           15%

    Homework                         20%

    Lab activities                    30%

    Tests/quizzes                   35%


    Late to class:

    1.  Warning
    2. Assigned activity period 
    3. Referral to Mr. Curella for a 1 hour detention


    Responsibilities of the Student:


    • When the bell rings, backpack should be placed in the back of the room and all your materials should be on your desk.
    • There will be a do now on the board, please begin working on this, you may use your notes to help you.
    • If there was homework, it should be on your desk in the right hand corner.
    • If absent, you MUST see one of us during activity period to get any missed work, notes etc. and turn in any assignments that were due.
    • If you missed a test or quiz, you will make arrangements during activity period of when you will make it up.  It must be made up within 3 school days of being absent.
    • Treat everyone with respect. We must work together to ensure everyone is successful.
    • Students who are missing assignments will be assigned activity period, if this continues they will be assigned to the ALC afterschool until all assignments and labs are complete.
    • No food or drink will be allowed in the science room or lab area.



    Midterm Exam:  This will be at the end of the 1st semester.  It will include all the science from the 1st and 2nd quarter.  It will have a Multiple choice and lab component.

    Final Exam:  Will be given in June and include material from the entire year.  This will also have a multiple choice and lab component. 

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