• June 2019 Administrative Update

    Matthew Brown, MS Principal

    by:  Matthew Brown

    Middle School Principal

    Significant Upgrades Taking Place at East Aurora Middle School

    The faculty and staff at the East Aurora Middle School work diligently, striving every day to uphold the Districts Four Core Values; Learning Excellence, Respectful Relationships, Continuous Growth and Effective Communication.  We continually review, adjust and improve our curriculum and pedagogy to provide innovative opportunities for well-rounded educational experiences for our students.  We enter the summer months and begin preparations for the 2019-20 school year in the midst of a Capital Project designed to further augment the academic experiences of our students.

    The Capital Project will greatly influence our teachers’ ability to provide students with 21st century innovative learning practices in an environment enhanced for safety and security while maintaining and enriching the architectural integrity of the historic middle school building. 

    When students and staff members return to 430 Main Street in September, the Capital Project will be near completion.  The highlights of the project at the Middle School include masonry updates, HVAC upgrades and the enhancement of a number of instructional spaces.

    Our main entrance will offer a dramatic new focal point for students and visitors entering the building on North Grove Street.  A new, secure and secluded foyer area will provide a safer academic environment for our students.  The new entrance will be easily accessible for individuals with physical limitations or the need for wheelchairs and will allow a secure location for our greeters to sign guests in and out of the building.

    The MS cafeteria’s new entrance is breathtaking.  During the demolition process, previously unknown, hidden arches were revealed.  The project architects immediately set to work redesigning the space to expose these arches and restore the original integrity of the building dating from the late 1800’s.  The impressive finishing touch, a laser engraving of the District Seal in the foyer floors tilework, greets all upon entering the building.  Additionally, students, staff and visitors now have easy access to the new, handicapped accessible restrooms just off the main foyer.

    The MS Main Office will be a more inviting space for visitors, students, faculty and staff.  Expanding the office to the corner of the main hallway will increase visibility and ease of access for visitors and offer an upgraded workspace for faculty.

    The newly renovated 2nd floor Music Wing is having a tremendous impact on students and faculty alike.  A new general music classroom, exceptionally large band room, two beautiful orchestra rooms and an updated multipurpose room occupy this artistically motivating space.  State-of-the-art lighting and a new stage curtain, partially funded by the East Aurora Education Foundation, are scheduled for summer installation in the multipurpose room. For years to come, multiple musical groups and drama club members will benefit from these improved spaces that include modern technology and audio equipment.

    Three new classrooms, a new health office, renovated counseling suite and a group room for smaller group meetings are also part of the 2nd floor renovations as well as a new science lab that will provide students with lab experiences and opportunities similar to those at the high school level. 

    The new STEAM lab, that all students at the MS will experience, is very exciting.  The lab is a double sized classroom space equipped with CAD computers, 3-D printers, a laser engraver, vinyl cutter and flexible furniture.  This space will provide students opportunities to problem solve in innovative ways they are sure to love.  We would like to thank the East Aurora Rotary, East Aurora Educational Foundation, AW Miller and the EAMS PTO for their generous donations to equip and furnish this beautiful space.

    In closing, on behalf of East Aurora Middle School personnel, I would like to thank you!  Thank you for raising children with high levels of character and respect.  Thank you for your continued efforts to support our schools.  If, as they say, “It takes a village to raise a child”, the East Aurora Middle School students are poised and positioned to continue accomplishing great things.