What is the ARC?


     The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is a place that provides an opportunity for students who need academic support and assistance in the completion of work. The goal is to help students improve their academic performance and gain confidence in their ability to learn.


     The ARC is a resource to help students utilize teachers and a quiet space to complete their work after school.




    General Information


    The ARC will be staffed after school by two teachers and a teacher aide in the Library, Monday-Thursday, from 2:50pm-3:30pm.






    The late bus will be provided at 3:35pm for all students who attend the ARC.


    Late Bus Provided



    Student Eligibility 


    A student will be assigned to the ARC under the following conditions *.

    -Missing work that needs to be completed.

    -If a student has missed several days of school.


    Each student has 2 opportunities to initiate the completion of the work in the ARC after-school.


    Students who would like to drop in after school to access the resources of the ARC must sign in with the teacher aide. The students may be asked to leave if they do not have work to complete or are disruptive to others.

     *As always, it will be the teacher's discretion when a student shall be assigned to the ARC.



     Student Responsibility 


    Students are responsible for completing the work on time and to the best of their ability. 


    Students assigned to the ARC must stay until 3:30pm, regardless of their extra-curricular commitments.


     Students are expected to report to the ARC on their assigned day(s), but in the event of a conflict (i.e.. medical), may work with the assigning teacher and reschedule the ARC appointment.





    The teacher aide will communicate with home to let parents/guardian know when their student is staying after-school for the ARC.


    If the student is involved in sports, clubs, or a school sponsored activity after school, the teacher aide will notify the coach, athletic secretary, or advisor by email or phone.


    Students who do not attend, or miss their scheduled session at the ARC, will be notified by phone or email. Additional information will be sent home to parents to explain the impact of the missed work on the student's grade.







    ARC Calendar


    *Click the link below to access the ARC calendar for teacher availability

    ARC Teacher Schedule