• New York State Common Mathematics Curriculum 

    We will work with the following New York State Common Core Mathematics topics this year:
    Module 1: Addition and Subtraction of Numbers to Ten and Fluency
    Module 2: Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtraction of Numbers to 20
    Module 3: Ordering and Expressing Length Measurements as Numbers
    Module 4: Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtraction of Number to 40
    Module 5: Identify, Compose, and Partition Shapes
    Module 6: Place Value, Comparison, Addition and Subtraction of Numbers to 100

    Each lesson features Fluency Practice with Math Sprints (to increase speed), an Application Problem (word problem), Concept Development (introducing new concepts), a Problem Set (independent or partner practice), and a Student Debrief (discussion or exit ticket).  Students will also play math games or centers to practice math skills, as well as practice turn-taking, using good manners, and being a good sport.

    The students will each take 3 minute addition and subtraction tests every other month.  The goal for the end of the year is for each student to correctly solve all 50 addition problems and all 50 subtraction problems.

    Click here for additional information on Grade 1 Math Modules.


    New York State Common ELA and Literacy Curriculum 

    Core Knowledge Language Arts - Listening and Learning Strand

    This curriculum was developed by The Core Knowledge Foundation.  It consists of a series of read-alouds organized by topics, called domains.  Many of the topics are informational in nature. The goal of the Listening and Learning is for students to improve their language skills through listening and by building a rich vocabulary and broad knowledge in history and science.  

    Grade 1 English Language Arts Listening and Learning Strands:

    Domain 1: Fables and Stories

    Domain 2: The Human Body

    Domain 3:  Different Lands, Similar Stories

    Domain 4: Early World Civilizations

    Domain 5: Early American Civilizations

    Domain 6: Astronomy

    Domain 7: The History of the Earth

    Domain 8: Animals and Habitats

    Domain 9: Fairy Tales

    Domain 10: A New Nation: American Independence

    Domain 11: Frontier Explorers


    Core Knowledge Language Arts - Skills Strand

    Each day we will work with lessons from the Core Knowledge Language Arts program.  The program teaches the mechanics of reading. The lessons will include instruction in spelling, grammar, phonics, sight words, and writing.  Student Practice Pages and Readers are also included with the program. The students will practice reading the stories in groups, with partners, and independently.  Reading these stories will help the students work on smooth reading (fluency) and to practice being a “Learning Coach” (suggesting a strategy when your partner is stuck on a word).  

    Students will also be reading leveled texts, where we will focus on comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and vocabulary.  Students will focus on strategies, will learn about keeping their eyes on text all the time, making good book choices, and increasing their stamina (the ability to stay focused for a long time).  Students will be progressed monitored three times a year on their reading level which will measure their fluency, accuracy, and comprehension of a leveled text. Students will also work on their writing mechanics when responding to a text and while being able to produce a variety of writing pieces.

    Click here for the Grade 1 spelling words and tricky words.

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