•  Parkdale PE
    FUN at Home
       There are many physical education skills and activities that are taught in physical class that can be easily reinforced at home.  These activities help to promote increased levels of both skill and fitness and can be lots of fun for the whole family! A little practice and encouragement can go a long way!

    Gross motor skills we focus on:
        -Balancing on 1 foot...for a challenge try balancing with your eyes closed
        -Walking on tip toes
        -Walking on heels
        -Walking backward (be sure to lean forward a little and look over your shoulder)
        -Hopping on 1 foot (both right and left)
        -Galloping (leading with both right and left foot)
        -Jogging (trying to keep a steady pace)
        -Standing long jump (bend knees, swing arms, land on 2 feet)
        -Running long jump (take of on one foot, land on two feet)

    Obstacle Course
        In physical education class students participate in an obstacle course various times throughout the school year.  In class the students jump over hurdles, zig zag through cones, jump in a hopscotch pattern, perform “ski jumps” (jumping side to side with feet together while moving forward), crawl through a tunnel and walk on a balance beam.  Setting up an obstacle course at home can be an excellent family activity.  Designing the course takes a great deal of creativity and imagination.  Participation an obstacle course helps to reinforce position words (over, under, between, on, around, through, etc.), following directions, and the concept of performing tasks in specific order.
    Good Luck and Have Fun!    

    Hoola Hoop Activities:

        With hoop on the ground:
            -Put 1 foot in hoop, the other foot out of the hoop. Jump and switch            
      feet quickly a few times.  Try it jumping sideways.
            -Jump in and out of hoop using 2 feet, then just 1 foot.
            -Jump over the hoop.
            -Practice hoola hooping around waist
    -Use the hoola hoop “like a jump rope”.  Try turning the hoop both
      forward and backward. You can also try this while staying in on spot    
      jogging forward.
            -Spin the hoop like a top and try to catch it or jump in and out while it                 
      is still moving.
            -Roll the hoop, chase it and try to catch it before it stops.
            -Put “back spin” on the hoop so when the hoop is rolled forward it                
      comes back (this skill is introduced in 2nd grade).

    Jump Rope Activities:
        How to measure a jump rope for proper size:
    Stand in the middle of the rope holding the handles. 
    The handles should come up to the shoulders. 
    If the jump rope is a little too long, try folding over a handle  
    -“Ski Jumps”- place the jump rope in a straight line.  Feet together    
       jump side to side while moving forward.  When you get to the end   
      of  the rope jump backwards. You can also try sideways with “toes      
      looking  at the rope”.
            -You can use jump rope to form letters, numbers and shapes
            -Practice jumping rope.              
        Teaching cues used in class:
                    -Start with the jump rope in the shape of the letter “U”
                    -Swing, then jump
            -Set a reasonable goal of how many times can you jump in a row?
            -There are many different ways to jump rope:
                -Feet together
                -Skipping rope (1 foot goes over then the other)
                -Jumping on 1 foot
                -Jumping while slowly turning in a circle
                -Jumping while moving forward
                -All of the above while swinging the rope backward

        Just 5-10 minutes of practice a few times a week will make a big difference!