• Welcome Letter To Parents

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    Dear Parents,

         One of our primary goal as physical educators is to teach every child--from the physically gifted to the physically challenged--how and why they should keep themselves healthy and fit throughout their lifetime.  In our physical education program we provide learning experiences which are developmentally appropriate that will teach children how to be physically active in ways that increase physical competence, self-esteem, and joy through lifelong physical activity. 
       We achieve this through the following:

         1.  The physical education curriculum is aligned with the New York State Learning Standards and includes a balance of skills, concepts, games, activities, movement exploration and cooperative learning experiences designed to enhance the cognitive, motor, affective and physical fitness development of every child.

        2.  We provide experiences that encourage children to question, analyze, communicate, apply cognitive concepts and gain a greater understanding of fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

         3.  Throughout the year we teach activities that allow children the opportunity to work together to improve their emerging social and cooperation skills.  The importance of being a good sport is always stressed.

         4. Finally, our class is designed so that ALL children are involved in activities that allow them to remain continuously active in a safe environment.  Please help your child remember their sneakers so they may safely participate in class.

        By working together to encourage fitness, we will be able to help your child enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.  we welcome your support!