• Welcome To 9th Grade ELA!!!!


    Welcome to the wild world of the high school!!! I know transitioning between buildings can be tough, but no worries, we are here for you!! This year we will be focusing on the following reading materials : short stories, Of Mice and Men, Lord Of The Flies, Romeo and Juliet, and some non-fiction pieces. 


    Please make sure you have the following materials for class:

    1.) Binder- anything between a 2-3" should be okay

    2.) Pen/Pencil - please have something to write with 

    3.) Tabbed dividers - 1 pack of ten should do it

    4.) Marble notebook - doesn't matter what color

    5.) Loose leaf paper - 1 pack in your binder is more than enough

    6.) Small post-its for annotating - the little square ones, about an inch or so wide

    7.) Highlighters - at least 3 different colors OR colored pens (variety pack of pink, purple, etc.)


    I look forward to working with you all year long. I hope you will enjoy our time together as well. Don't forget read, read, read. I love to hear what my students are reading so feel free to share!


    Any time you are looking for flash cards for our class, please go to www.quizlet.com

    search: mrsfrancisela

    class: ELA 9

    flash cards will be labeled



    How to enroll in our remind program, to stay up to date on all of the daily assignments:

    • Text the message @9egch4 to the number 81010