• The is a course that is designed to help prepare a student for both the Earth Science Regents course and the Biology Regents Course.  The first half of the year focuses on Earth Science and covers Measurement, astronomy and weather.  These are 3 large components of the earth science regents exam.  It helps to familiarize a student with the reference tables and to begin to prepare them for the wording of a regents question. 

    The second half of the year is designed to  help prepare them for The Living Environment Regents.   It focuses on Bio chemistry, cells, cellular energy and genetics.  It also helps prepare them for the lab write ups and the wording of the regents exam.

    Students will need 3 credits of science in order to graduate.  This will count as credit of science.  It does not have a lab component but has many labs and hands on activities that are embedded right into the class.