5th Grade English Class

    Grading Policy

    Grades are calculated using a TOTAL POINTS system.  Every homework assignment, project, quiz, test or essay has a point value.  Each assignment will be worth a certain number of points, weighted according to purpose, difficulty and skill. Point values can range from a 5-point homework check to a project or essay worth 100 points.  

    A student’s average is calculated by dividing the total points earned that quarter by the total points possible (times 100).  If a student, for example, earns 475 points and the total number of points possible is 500, the student’s average would be 95. 

    How are point values assigned?        Point values are given based on the length and significance of the assignment along with the purpose, difficulty and skill required to complete the assignment.  For example, a one-night homework assignment may be worth only 5 or 10 points while an essay that took a week to craft may be worth 100 points.  Projects, major tests or major essays will certainly be weighted more heavily than a homework check!  Generally, students are informed of the point value and grading expectations when an assignment is given.  


    Late Homework Policy

    ·  It is expected that all work will be done on time and to the best of a student’s ability.

    ·  ELT (Extended Learning Time) may be assigned for missing and chronically late assignments because homework provides the much-needed practice students need to master the difficult skills of the Common Core curriculum. Failure to complete homework, especially on a regular basis, means a student is not practicing these important skills.

    ·  Each student will be given one late assignment pass per quarter to use on an assignment without penalty.  Things happen and I understand!  Use this pass wisely!  Do not rely on this pass as a free night of no homework.  Save it for unexpected complicationsBe sure to fill out a late assignment form and hand that in so I know you are using the free late assignment pass.


    ·  When you are absent the day an assignment is due, it is expected you bring it to class as soon as possible after you return to school. Be sure to complete a late assignment form and attach it to the assignment.

    ·  See me at the beginning of class the day you return to school from being absent. At that time, study hall or ELT will be scheduled, if needed.

    ·  Please be aware that once class begins, I will not be available to explain what you missed.  Come and see me to find out what you missed.

    ·  I will be as flexible and helpful as I can.  Students get sick!  I understand and I will do my best to catch you up, but you need to come and see me!  Communication is vital!

    Be responsible and use your time wisely in study hall or set-aside time at home to complete your homework.  Be sure to pack your backpack the night before, to ensure that you are ready for the next day!  

    Organization is KEY!!