The following policies have been developed to help foster your success in Physical Education.

    Attendance- PE is scheduled every other day.  You are required to attend & to participate. You are denied credit after 10 absences.  (Missing ten minutes of class time is an absence)

    Extracurricular activities (after school activities, sports, school musical, etc.)- You are required to attend five classes or more on a given day to attend any after school extracurricular activities. This includes athletic practice or games.  Get prior (24 hours or more) permission from an administrator if you know you will miss the five class minimum.

    PE Excuses- A parent note will be effective for up to three PE classes due to an injury or illness.  A Dr.’s note is required for any injury or illness lasting longer than three days. -MEDICAL. A medical must include dates of exclusion, and appropriate activities that you can or cannot participate.

    Participation- If you miss PE class for any reason; absence, field trip, nurse, OSS, ISS, you need to complete “make-up” work.  Written or physical work, see the teacher for make-up possibilities before the end of the unit.  Written work must contain your first and last name and the period number.  Please type the document, use correct punctuation, complete sentences and proper citations in order to earn your 5 daily participation points.

    Preparation- For the health and safety of all students, proper dress is required.  Students are required to change from their school attire into appropriate clothes for active participation.  Proper attire would be shorts and t-shirts, sweatpants or sweatshirts.  Tank tops, halters and shirts that expose the navel or underclothes are NOT acceptable.  Clothes that advertise or display foul language, tobacco, alcohol, drugs or sexually explicit materials are NOT acceptable. SNEAKERS are the only footwear acceptable.  NO Crocs, clogs, flip-flops, boots, Sperry’s, boat shoes, etc.! 

    Jewelry/Chains- For safety reasons no student may wear accessories deemed unsafe. Teacher’s discretion.

    Locks- purchase a lock and use it!  We cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items. Master Lock brand preferred.

    Selectives- Some PE classes will have the opportunity to “select” which unit of study they are interested in participating. Please complete that teachers HW assignment and report to them for attendance during the unit/s.

    Cell Phones- There is no cell phone use allowed in Physical Education. Period. They will be confiscated and returned at a later time or turned in to the main office.