• Library Media Center Expectations and Procedures

    Be Responsible-


    • Control your own actions.
    • Balance your own emotions.
    • Manage your time effectively.
    • Do your own work.


    Be Respectful-


    • Consider the needs of other people.
    • Be aware of the time people need to complete tasks.
    • Accept the talents, beliefs, and differences of other people.
    • Ask before touching other people’s belongings.
    • Create an atmosphere conducive to study.


    Be Productive-


    • Work independently.
    • Do school work.
    • Read.
    • Learn.
    • Help without disturbing others.
    • Work toward your future goals.




    • Work quietly. No more than four students can occupy a table or group. You are expected to be responsible, respectful, and productive during your time in the Library.

    • Sign in BEFORE going to Study Hall. You will be given one numbered ticket. Print your name on the line you were assigned. Return your ticket to the library staff. 


    • You will need a LIB hall pass to leave the Library to go to the locker or lav. Sign out on the SIGN OUT sheet. When it is your turn to go, take the library pass with you. You may not sign out if there are less than five minutes in the period. You may not stay out of the library for more than five minutes. 


    • Get a signed pass from a teacher to go see a teacher during your study hall (this must be done before coming to the Library). 


    • Students coming to the Library from a class or lunch should sign IN on the ORANGE sheet, including the teacher’s name. When you leave, put the time in the TIME LEFT box.

    • Commons students who want to stay the whole period should sign on the ORANGE sheet before the bell rings. If you do not sign out of Commons to the Library, you cannot return to Commons. Commons students may not return to Commons with less than five minutes in the period. You will not be released until the end of the period. 


    • Backpacks and bags/purses are not allowed at the library tables. Please leave them on the tables to the right of the entrance.

    • You may use electronic devices as long as you are not disruptive. 

    • There is no eating or drinking in the Library or Computer Lab. Drinks are allowed by the backpack area only.

    • Fiction, non-fiction, magazines, and audiobooks circulate for 2 weeks. Current magazines and videos circulate overnight. Most reference books circulate overnight: Please check with Ms. Yorio as to availability. Please return materials on time or bring them in to renew. You will receive notices in your email reminding you of overdue materials. Your parents may receive a phone call if you continue to not return or renew materials or the matter may be turned over to the assistant principal if the materials are not returned or renewed.

     updated 3/4/2020

    Ms. Jodi Yorio = Library Media Specialist
    Mr. Nick Campoli = Library/Computer Room Aide

    You may contact Ms. Yorio, the Library Media Specialist, 
    at jyorio at eak12.org or call 687-2501.

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