• Imperialism Project

    For this project, you will be researching imperialism and then creating a brief magazine to share what you have learned.  


    Be sure to include all of the articles and a magazine cover with a Works Cited.

    Use NoodleTools to create your citations. 

    Use the following resources to assist your research:

    Go to the Library Online Catalog.

    • In the right corner you will see Exit.
    • Exit Universal Search.
    • Select Library Search.  Log in to the library catalog with your server name and password.
    • Select Resource Lists.
    • Find the Public Lists tab and choose Imperialism. You will find book titles, websites, and ebooks.  
    • You can also search the catalog for a specific keyword.
      • If you choose imperialism, for instance, be sure to use the tab for Web Sites as well as the tab for books.


    Online Subscription Databases

    (Sign in to the library home page to get the passwords.)

    Remember to assess all sources:

    Currency (When was this written? How does that affect the information?) 

    Relevance (Does the information move your research forward? Is it helpful or important to know?)

    Authority (Who wrote this? What are his or her credentials?)

    Accuracy (Compare to what you know. What sources do they use? How do you know it is true?)

    Point of View/Purpose (What is their point of view? What is their purpose for writing?)