Que Centre
    Information for staff members about the Que Centre:

    In 2014, the Buildings and Grounds Department began utilization of the Que Centre for work orders for any work that needs to be scheduled to be done, such as broken window shade, faucet dripping, paper delivered, a room that is too cold or too hot, painting, items moved, etc. We are asking that you do not just stop and ask a custodian to do a job. This will allow us to keep a log of issues that arise, and if they are repetitive, we will have a running log of such so that we can address the situation. This will also eliminate any issue with lost paper work orders or work orders that are not completed in a timely manner. This also allows the creator of the work order to view requests that are still pending in addition to a complete history of requests submitted.

    Each staff member (except teacher aides) has the ability to log onto the Que Centre:
       User Name: (first initial, last name)
       Password: (your first name - all lower case)

    Work order routing:
    1. A new work order is created > the principal, assistant principal and secretary of the building where the work is located is notified via email of a new request.
    2. The principal, assistant principal and secretary can either approve or reject the work order.
    a. If the work order is rejected, the requestor is notified
    b. If the work order is approved, an email notification will be sent to Barb, Doug and the building's lead custodian.
    3. The building custodian can either close the work order him/herself, assign the work order to a day custodian or change the status to "Forward to Maintenance." This will notify the maintenance crew chief that there is a work order. Once the job is complete, the work order can then be closed by the appropriate B&G staff member and an email goes back to the originator to let them know that the work they requested is complete.
    The Que Centre is not to be used for an emergency situation; if you have a building emergency, please contact the Building and Grounds department immediately at (716) 687-2314 or (716) 687-2304, or if you have any questions, log in problems or for a password reset. You may also contact by email: BMann@eastauroraschools.org.
Last Modified on March 27, 2017