• In any given academic year we may offer one or all of the following:

    • Cognitive, Academic, Social, Emotional and Behavioral Assessments/Evaluations
    • Social Skills Groups Based On Recommendation From Student Intervention Team
    • Families Living In Separate Homes Groups
    • Groups Based On Need 
    • Individual Short Term Solution-Focused School Counseling
    • Grief Support
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Teacher Consultations/Multidisciplinary Team Member
    • Behavior Management Assistance
    • Bully Prevention/Intervention
    • Referral/Linkage To Outside Resources
    • Parenting Assistance
    • Provide Access to Community Outreach Programs/Scholarships

    Dependent on COVID-19, State, NYSED, and District guidelines and policies, activity delivery adjustments may be needed.












Last Modified on November 12, 2020