• Perspectives on World War II
       Shortly after the end of World War II, several Allied and Axis leaders, citizens, and survivors meet to discuss the causes, results and events, treaties and post war world. 
       You will be assigned one of the roles listed below and answer the questions below. 

    • USA:                President Harry Truman
    • France:            General Charles De Gaulle, leader/ the Free French and Post war France
    • Great Britain:   Prime Minister Winston Churchill
    • USSR:              Premier Joseph Stalin
    • China:             Mao Zedong – Communist Leader
    • China:             Jiang Jieshi – Nationalist Leader
    • Germany:        Hitler’s Chief of Operations – General Alfred Jodl – signed unconditional surrender and later tried for war crimes and found guilty
    • Germany:         Elie Wiesel – Holocaust Survivor
    • Italy:                Pietro Badoglio - Leader of the Italian Republic
    • Yugoslavia:       Marshall Josip Tito
    • Japan:              Emperor Hirohito
    • India:               Mohandas Gandhi – Leader of independence movement
    • Africa:             Haile Selassie: deposed Emperor of Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
    • Korea:             Kim Il Sung - Leader of People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
    • Korea:               Syngman Rhee - Leader of the Republic of Korea (South Korea
    1. What were the causes of World War II?
    2. Who won the war and why did they win?
    3. How should the losers be treated in peace treaties? Why?
    4. What will your country need to rebuild? What political structure does it favor?
    5. Should there be trials for war crimes? Who should be charged? Why?
    6. What direction should the world take?
    7. What is your opinion of the proposed United Nations? Why?
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