• Options for Researching Countries
    Use the resources below to get good information quickly.


    Search the online catalog for the following items. Listed in order of best choices.
    Or, search the catalog for your country.

    World Today Series (2013) 

    Cultures of the World Series (varying dates)

    Countries, Peoples, & Cultures (2015+) Includes ebook through the catalog or database list.

    Additionally, search the library online catalog for more books about issues in the country you are researching, by country name. Most of these will be in the 900s. We also have books on countries and their cultures in 306. Remember subject and keyword searches but NOT natural language.
    Ebooks are also available through various methods on the online catalog. In Destiny, you can search by topic or scroll to the bottom of the home page for the online catalog and scroll through over 230 ebooks you can read on any device. 

    Subscription Databases:

    Access databases through the link on the navigation panel for the library or through the password PDF.
    Sign in to the library homepage using your server name and password. Use the sign-in link at the top right of the webpage.
    Cite these based on the type of information source: many are original content in a database, but some will be aggregated from books, journals, newspapers, etc. 
       Use this database to find out about a country and its culture, including current events, etc. Use the World Edition.
        This database provides current news, comparative maps, cultural information, and more on countries of the world.  A great source to find current issues and run comparisons on countries.
    Countries, Peoples, and Cultures
       Salem Press eBooks on countries. Can also be searched through the online catalog.
    GO Online Resources: Lands and Peoples
       Use this database to find out about a country and its cultures. 
    Gale Virtual Reference Library
       Search Nation and World or Reference to access a variety of resources for countries and cultures. Additionally, search for your country in the GVRL search box - it will search all GVRL holdings for your topic.
    Gale World History in Context
      Access articles from newspapers, journals, magazines, reference books, multimedia, and more on this source. Use topics to drill down or search for your country.
    ProQuest SIRS Knowledge Source
     Search for your country to get articles from newspapers, journals, magazines, multimedia, and more. Use Issues Researcher and View All Issues. Drill down to World Cultures and Politics.
    World Book Advanced: World Newspapers link
       When you log in to the site, select World Book Advanced and use the link on the left-hand navigation menu to access World newspapers online. Select your country from the drop-down menu on the page that follows. Languages are noted in each paper. Some are NOT in English, but many are.

    Web Sites:

    These are some authoritative websites for country information and act as free databases. Cite these as web sites. If governmental, choose the appropriate form on NoodleTools.

    Background Notes/Country Fact Sheets


    CIA World Factbook


    Bureau of Consular Affairs: International Travel


    Country Studies (these are a little older, but good for history, etc.)

    Google News: World (make sure you select the World option or put in your country name)