• Classroom information
     It is very important that your child bring their home folder to school in his/her backpack each day.  All notes and communication will be sent to and from school in the folder so that important items are not misplaced.  It is also very important that you, the parent, read the information sent home in the folder each night since this is our main form of communication.  Homework will also be in your child's folder and it can be returned in your child's folder. Make sure to empty your child’s folder each night so it can be ready for school the next day. Any notes for me can also be sent to school in that folder. 

     We have a "6 MINUTE SNACK" each morning.

    You will provide your child's snack each day.  As a mom, I remember classroom snack time being a time when I could make sure the healthy veggies and/or fruits were getting into my child's diet.  (At lunch, about half of what you send is actually eaten and often the healthy item doesn't make the cut!)  Since we talk about making healthy choices, candy is not allowed for daily snack (special occasions like holiday parties and birthday treats are exceptions).  Suggestions for snacks are: fruits, veggies, yogurt, granola bars, dry cereal, fruit cups, cheese and crackers, etc., etc.  Something healthy that will keep your child satisfied until lunch time would be perfect.  But, please remember it is a SIX MINUTE SNACK, so peeling oranges wouldn't work in that time frame. We have a drinking fountain in our classroom (and water bottles are welcomed), but if you would like to send a drink for your child, that is also fine.  Please try and remember each day (I will tell your child it is his/her responsibility to remind you), however I will have extra crackers on hand for those who forget - no one will go hungry!
    **Important - Your child will put his/her snack in the snack bucket to be passed out by a helper.  This is separate from their lunches.  So, please send your child's snack in a baggie, paper bag, or container separate from lunch! Since snack is before lunch, we also do this to make certain that their lunch is not eaten at snack time! Labeling is, of course, a necessity as well.  We will have many of the same snacks or unclaimed snacks belonging to our mysterious classmate named "Not mine."

    Students have the option to buy or bring a lunch. And, should they choose to buy, they have a choice of what to buy.  So, there are decisions to be made before even arriving in the cafeteria!!  If bringing in a lunchbox (labeled of course!!), s/he will keep it in their backpack until lunch time and sign up on our special lunch board. If buying, s/he will keep their money in their backpack and sign up on our special board.  You also have the option of prepaying for lunches if you choose to do so.

    **This may be updated since our Recess time is at the end of the day and I need to find out how this works with all of the other K teachers. 
    Rec time! If the weather is nice out, even in the snowy winter months, the children are able to go outside.  For this reason, outdoor clothes have to be available every day.  You are welcome to send in boots, mittens, snowpants, etc, (LABELED!) to leave in the classroom so you don't have to think about it.  It is a very sad child who cannot join his/her friends because clothing was forgotten. 
    On days that the weather is not cooperating, there will be Rec. time indoors.  I have toys/games in the classroom that can be used at Rec. time, but often the students would like to bring their own.  I will be sending home a labeled food storage baggie and your child is welcome to put something in there that s/he would like to do during Rec. time.  It must fit in the baggie and, please, nothing valuable! Our indoor Rec. time takes place in our hallway.
    Birthdays are special days in our classroom!!  Feel free to send in a birthday treat for the class on your child’s special day.  PLEASE make sure the treat is in individual servings (cookies, cupcakes, ice cream cups, etc.) as opposed to a whole cake or pan of brownies.  Please also do not forget napkins, spoons, or anything else that might be needed for serving.
    We can decide the celebration day if your child will be celebrating on a different day due to a weekend or a vacation. Summer birthdays will be given a special "un birthday" day at the end of the school year.
    **Invitations to birthday parties will not be distributed in the classroom unless the entire class is invited out of respect for our classmates' feelings.