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    Our Kindergarten math program is based on a solid foundation of number, as established by the New York State Common Core Standards. 

    Kindergarten Math-Based on the Common Core

    What we learn:
    -Count to 100 by ones and tens
    -Count on from a given number
    -Write the numbers 0-20
    -Represent a number of objects with a written number and count to answer how many
    -Count with one number and one object at a time
    -Understand counting means more
    -Identify if a group of objectsis greater than, less than, or equal to another group
    -Compare two written numbers
    -Addition and subtraction word problems within 10
    -Take apart numbers to 10 in more than one way
    -Find the number to make 10 when given a number
    -Add and subtract fluently within 5
    -Put together and take apartnumbers up to19 (18=8+10)
    -Understand the concept of tens and ones
    -Describe, compare, contrast measurable features of objects
    -Sorting objects by characteristic
    -Use terms of position: below, beside, above
    -Identify 2 and 3 dimensional shapes
    -Use language to describe shapes similiarties and differences