• Reading/Writing/Speaking

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    Reading instruction in Kindergarten is done throughout the day in a variety of ways.  It is important for children to develop a love of literature and to begin to be life long readers.   Students will be read to, will participate in shared reading of big books (enlarged versions of books) and will read leveled books that are at their individual reading level.   Students will be encouraged to use a variety of strategies for reading, which will be modeled and practiced in the classroom. 

    Students will also participate in a variety of activities to build their early literacy skills, such as :

    Concepts of print—follow words from left to right, top to bottom, page by page

    Letter recognition—capital and lowercase

    Phonemic awareness—the ability to hear, think about and manipulate the individual sounds in spoken words

    Phonics—letter/sound relationships (including long and short vowels)

    Rhyming—recognize and produce rhyming words

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    Writing is an important part of our Kindergarten program.  In the same way we encourage “pre-reading skills”, we encourage each child to write.  The following are the stages of children’s writing:

    Scribbles or Drawings

    Pretend letters

    Random letters

    Copy words

    One letter spellings

    Temporary spellings

    Temporary spellings with some conventional spellings

    Conventional spelling

    Children work through the developmental stages as they experiment with writing.  We encourage this process by giving them many opportunities to write,supporting their efforts. When children write using temporary spellings, they are taking steps in teaching themselves phonics. It is exciting to watch children progress through the developmental stages and begin to communicate using print. We encourage you to give your children many opportunities to write at home.  For ex: writing letters to grandparents, helping write a grocery shopping list etc.



    Listening andSpeaking

    Kindergarten students work on listening and speaking, everyday.  Some of the expectations for students are:

         Listens attentively when others are speaking

         Focuses attention for an extended period of time

         Initiates conversations

         Participates actively in discussions