Online Submission of BEDS Forms for Teachers
    In the 2017-2018 year, teachers will once again complete and submit their BEDS information through an online application, ePMF (Personnel Master File). If you were teaching last year, you should already be familiar with this system. The questions that teachers will respond to on the ePMF are the same questions they have responded to in the past on the PMF (BEDS Form). In order to ensure data security and privacy, teachers will access ePMF via the Teacher Access and Authorization system (TAA), which is the same portal they use to view their Teacher Student Roster Verification Reports.

    ePMF FAQ

    ePMF User Guide (Includes account creation info & walk-through of ePMF submission)
    Teaching Assignment Codes 2017-2018
    Teacher Student Roster Verification Report

    The report allows teachers of Grades 3-8 ELA & Math and Regents Math to view data on courses and course sections they are teaching in the current school year*. This data includes a list of students enrolled in these courses, as well as course start and end dates and duration times. All of the data that you can view has been reported to NYSED from PowerSchool. To view this report, login to NYSED's Teacher Access and Authorization (TAA) system.

    *Roster data for past years can also be viewed, beginning with the 12-13 year. (In years prior to 16-17, roster data for ALL courses was uploaded to TAA.)
  • Additional NYSED Resources HERE

    Teacher Access & Authorization (TAA) System Info:
    CREATE AN ACCOUNT if you don't already have one.
    RESET YOUR PASSWORD if it's been more than six months since your last login. Passwords expire after six months.
    If you are unable to reset your password because you can't answer your security questions, you will need to RESET YOUR ACCOUNT and create a new one.
     NEW CHANGE YOUR TAA USERNAME. Your email address has been updated in TAA to name@eak12.org, but your username is still name@eastauroraschools.org. Please update your username after resetting your password and before completing your ePMF.

    TAA User Guide for Administrators and Teachers (ePMF and Roster Verification Guidance)

    Helpful Hints When Reviewing Your Rosters (Teachers of Grades 3-8 ELA & Math and Regents Math ONLY):
    Your rosters will show ALL students who were enrolled in your classes for ANY duration during the current school year. 
    • For a student who has transferred out of a class, the Linkage End Date should display the effective date of that change.
    • For a student who transferred into a class, the Linkage Start Date should display the effective date of that change.    
      • Any students who have come and/or gone from a class during the school year should not be listed on Appendix B unless there are errors with the Linkage Start and/or End Dates.

    • The Linkage End Dates for students currently enrolled in a class will vary, based on which assessment is associated with the course. The possible Linkage End Dates for 2017-2018 are:

    ·        3-8 ELA - April 11

    ·         3-8 Math - May 1

    ·         Regents Math - June 5