• Careers Information

    Various books are available in the library. The Careers section is denoted as CAR in the call number of a book. They are shelved over by the Counseling Center entrance in the study portion of the library.
    • Go to the EAHS Library Online Catalog using the menu to the left.
    • Search for vocational guidance. Do a separate search for careers. Also, try the search for the type of career. For example, cosmetologist, engineering, publishing. 
    • Click on the Web Select tabs as well. Don't forget to log in using your server name and password in the Destiny log in screen at the top right of the web site. You will then get access to more resources!

    Online Subscription Databases

    Use the menu to the left to access list of databases.
    Chronicle Career Library
    •   Sign in to the web site using the password listed in the 2014-15 Password list. (Sign in to library web site and a new link for database passwords appears to the left. Open the PDF document .)
    •   Click on Alphabetical List of Occupations.
    •   When you select an occupation, you will be directed to a link which contains that occupation and related occupations.
      Cite this as a database, original content. The database is Chronicle Career Library of Occupational Briefs.
    Title of the Brief: Brief Number. Chronicle Career Library of Occupational 
    Chronicle Guidance Publications, Year of publication. Web. Date of Access.


     Web Sites

    Use some of the general ones that include all careers to get an overall view of your career option. Then go further to look into associations that specialize in the area in which you are interested. Many professions have professional organizations that can give you further information on the career. 
    Pay special attention to the Occupational Outlook Handbook and the Occupational Profiles.
    These sites are government sites. Use that when citing info from these pages.
    A site sponsored by the government to help you discover a career path. 
    NYS Web site to help determine career path. Click on View All Careers and scroll for specific career or type in specific career.
    Career Zone: STEM for Students
    Specific information for STEM careers.
    Provided as part of AmericasJobBank, it claims to be the nation's primary source of career information. 
    Explore health careers from Allied Health to Veterinary medicine in this comprehensive site. 
    Focuses in on majors available at the University of Delaware but provides information on how those majors and minors can be used and where to find additional information online. 
    Access recent facts and figures on various careers as well as interview advice, etc. 
    Under Resources, you can find various web sites to inform your career planning. 
     On the internet, try searching for the associations that are part of your career.

     Spotlight on Engineering 

    This is the link to the student page. Though addressing college-level and graduate-level students, there are some good resources here. Pay special attention to the Memo from the CEO, which indicates crucial skills you'll need.
    Use this link to locate 2-3 schools you'd like to know more about. Then, visit their sites to learn about the kinds of classes they offer, etc.
    Use this site to search for one or two associations that have to do with a specific branch of engineering you are interested in or general organizations. Visit their web sites.
    Sign up for industry newsletters right in your email. You can get the latest reports from fields that interest you.