• The East Aurora Educational Foundation is helping to put learning in the hands of East Aurora students by voting to award partial funding (in the amount of $24,000) toward the iThinkiPad grant proposal submitted by Laurie Cichocki, district technology integration specialist, and teacher Colleen Kaminski. The funds will be used to start a three-year pilot project as part of the school’s Mobile Technology Teaching and Learning Initiative. Each building in the district will acquire thirty iPads and six iPod Touches by 2014. The total cost of the project over three years will be $64,350.

    Mrs. Cichocki explained that this project is particularly exciting because all students and teachers in grades K-12 will be an integral part of the implementation of the project.   Students, teachers, and administrators will have the opportunity to pilot the use of the iPad. The mobile technology will be housed in each building during one trimester of the school year.   The grant meets New York State, Common Core and NETS standards while offering innovative and enriching learning experiences. The project will update the current educational program with devices that offer alternative input and applications for learning. It embraces a broad community of learners and creates multiple disciplines in which mobile technology can be tested and implemented.

    Since it was founded in the late 1980’s the East Aurora Educational Foundation has awarded over $540,000 in grant funding to support projects in the East Aurora Schools. A not for profit organization, the foundation relies on donations and community support to fulfill its mission: “To enhance students’ educational experiences by funding grants for programs within the East Aurora School District.” 
    For more information please visit www.eastauroraeducationalfoundation.org.
    The iPad is a tablet computer that can be used for audio-visual media including books, periodicals and web content, among other things. It is smaller than a laptop computer and larger than a cell phone. 

    In East Aurora Schools, through a grant from the East Aurora Educational Foundation, they will be used for learning