• How are marking period grades calculated?
             Grades are calculated using a total points system.  Every assignment, project, or essay has a point value.  Point values can range from a 10 point homework check to a project or essay worth 100 points.  Final averages are calculated by dividing total points earned by the student by the total points available during the marking period.  This number is multiplied by 100 to create an average.  
    End of Year/Overall Average:
       The year grade in ELA is calculated as follows:
          Marking Period 1=22.5%
          Marking Period 2=22.5%
          Marking Period 3=22.5%
          Marking Period 4=22.5%
          Final Exam=10%
    How are point values given to assignments?
             Point values are given based on the length and significance of the assignment.  For example, a one night homework assignment may be checked for ten points while an essay that took a week to write will be worth 100 points.  Quizzes will be worth less than a unit test.  Typically, students are informed of the point value and grading expectations when work is assigned.  
     How is the Article of the Week graded?
             On the due date,  the Article of the Week folders will be collected for a check.  The weekly check is worth 10 points.  The first thing that is checked is the student's recording or the article on the log sheet.  The title of the article, he author's name, and the publication should be correctly recorded and capitalized.  Also, logs should include the date of publication.  The log must be completed in ink.  Points will be lost if any required information is missing, if a capital letter is missing, or if an article was recorded in pencil.  The next thing that is checked is the student's response to the article.  The response is checked to see if the student addressed all parts of the question.  Responses must be completed in ink and should be around a half page in length.  Points are lost if responses do not have a heading, are competed in pencil, are too brief sloppy, or if the question was not answered.  Please check the AOW section of the webpage for a specific checklist. 
             After every four responses, students select one response for additional grading beyond the check.  This additional grading is worth 10 point and takes into account spelling, grammar, punctuation, organization, and quality of the content.   
          The Article of the Week will appear in the grade book as two 50 point assignments.  The 50 point consists of four checks at 10 point each and an additional 10 points for the in depth grading of the selected response.  We read about 4-5 articles per marking period.   
    How will homework assignments appear in the grade book? 
             Homework will either be checked or collected and graded.  Every assignment will have value.  Collected homework will be entered into the grade book as its own separate grade.  Checked homework will be collectively entered as one grade at the end of the marking period.  The point value of the checked homework will depend on the number of assignments.  For example, 6 checked homework assigned at 5 point each will be entered as a 30 point assignment.  
    Can assignments be handed in late? 
             It is expected that students complete all assignments, even if the assignment is late.  During the first three marking periods, assignments may be handed in late and earn half credit.  The half credit policy vanishes in the fourth quarter with all late work earning a zero.  If a student is absent due to illness, additional time will be given to complete the work without penalty.   
    Please call or email me with any additional questions about grading or assignments