• Odyssey Project
    Your goal will be to gather information relevant to the time of Homer's Odyssey. You will research the time period and specific events in The Odyssey and create a travel brochure based on an aspect of the story.
    You may be serious, sarcastic, or humorous. Just be tasteful!
    The final project does not need to be printed in color OR double sided.
    You will also need to find visual representations that you can use for your project.
    Books: See Ancient Greece in 937 to 938 and also 913.38 and 914.95. Check out these numbers in reference AND the circulating nonfiction. Mythology books are in 292 in reference AND circulating nonfiction.
    Subscription Databases:
    Use the links to the left to access subscription databases. Passwords can be found by signing in to the web site and then following the link for Subscription Database Passwords.
    Try the following sources for the best results. Try KEYWORDS like odyssey, odysseus, homer, or ancient greece.
    World Book

    ABC-CLIO: Daily Life Online
    ABC CLIO: World History Ancient/Medieval
    Gale-Cengage World History in Context
    Search Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Web Sites
    The Odyssey of Homer
    An informative site put together by an audio dramatist to supplement his reading of the Odyssey.
    Greek Mythology Link
    On this page of the site, you can access info about this specific event, but click on the link under the map, and you'll find MORE info on the Odyssey, with more links to text within the site.
    Emory University Michael C. Carlos Museum
    Please mute the sound if you use this one, or keep it on very low (it's just music and background noise). This site uses digital images of real items in the museum to explain Greek Culture. Use the little windows to scroll through and get information.
    Maps of Locales mentioned in Odyssey