• Citation Tools: NoodleTools (MLA, APA, etc.), Citation Information, and Note Cards/Sheets
    NOTE: MLA 8 is now available. Please check databases to see if using MLA 8 or 7. You may need to adjust the citation to fit MLA 8. You must be consistent in your Works Cited.

    Use NoodleTools
    to assist you in citing sources in MLA format to avoid plagiarism. To connect to the library's subscription, use the password on the Subscription Database Password list after you sign in to the library web page.
    • Download and print the MLA Template to help document your sources. Take notes on the back of this sheet, loose-leaf, note cards, or the note-taking system recommended by your teacher. You can also take notes in NoodleTools. 
    • Use the handout on how to set up your NoodleTools account and print from it, if you are not sure how. For the password to link it to the school's full-featured account, please log on to the library web page and access our subscription database password link. Use your school server log on information. For questions about any information on this page or citing sources, see Ms. Finlayson.
    Not sure what constitutes plagiarism? Check out this handy guide from plagiarism.org. There's more to it than you think!

    Created a NoodleTools account in the past but can't recall your password? See Ms. Finlayson in the LMC.

    For a good explanation of MLA citations, see The OWL at Purdue MLA Citation Pages.
    For help on creating In-text citations, you can either use the information in NoodleTools, provided next to each citation you create, or visit this OWL at Purdue page on In-text Citations.  
    Need help formatting a paper in MLA? Check out this great blog from EasyBib
    Additional citation formats are also available using Noodlebib.
    Citation Guide Sheets
    Be sure to note page numbers where specific quotes or information can be found.
    These sheets are to remind you what parts you need to make a complete citation.

    There is one PDF that contains the following information, based on NoodleTools/MLA:
    1. Print Source OR Article Republished in a Subscription Database (p.1)
    2. Web Source (Content Original to Web or Original to a Database) (p.2.)
    When you print these out, there are two per sheet. You can cut them apart and use the backs for note taking or to work on an annotated bibliography. If your source was reprinted in a print text (like an anthology) be sure to include information from the original as well as the story/essay/article you read.
    Note Taking Sheets (full-length for note-taking on a whole sheet) 
     Sheet 1 - Print Source or Article Republished on a Database
     Sheet 2 - Web site or Article Original to a Database
    updated 3/24/17