Mrs. Yuhnke’s

    Precalculus Syllabus

    Precalculus is a designed to further develop skills in advanced algebra, trigonometry and the foundation of Calculus.  A TI-84 plus graphing calculator will be extensively used in this course. Topics covered include functions and operations, trigonometry, exponents and logarithms, complex and real numbers, rational expressions, conic sections, limits and derivatives. 



    Materials needed by September 13th

    • TI-84+ graphing calculator plus (mandatory)
    • 5-subject notebook (for math use only)
    • Sturdy plastic folder (to hold tests, quizzes and review sheets)
    • Extra loose leaf paper
    • Lots of Pencils!!



    Classroom Rules

    • Students must be on time to class! Being on time means being in your seat when the bell rings.
    • Students must be prepared for class each day with materials including calculator, notebook, pencils, homework and BOOK. Being prepared means everything is out on your desk when the bell rings.
    • There is no eating in class.
    • Homework must be completed every night.  Three in-completed homework assignments will result in detention.
    • It is your responsibility to get the materials you missed while you were absent whether it is homework, notes or handouts.  All missing homework is due the next day, tests and quizzes need to be taken within 3 days.
    • Appropriate language must be used at all times.
    • It is expected that all students are respectful to the teacher and other students at all times. 



    *Cheating:  Cheating will not be tolerated.  This includes copying someone's homework and/or communicating with any student(s) or using notes during a test or a quiz. If you are involved with any cheating it will result in a zero and the administration and your parents will be notified.


    Homework is given every day. Homework is graded based on completion and effort. If no work is shown, no credit will be given.  If homework is completed it will receive full credit. If homework is not completed it will receive zero credit. Late homework will not be accepted. If you are absent you will be given one day to make up that homework assignment. Otherwise, daily homework grades will be totaled up as one cumulative grade every five weeks. (It is equivalent to one quiz grade, 50 points)





    Expect pop quizzes and some planned quizzes. Quizzes will be out of 50 points. If you are absent, you must make this quiz up during activity period or after school within 3 days otherwise you will receive a zero.




    Tests will be given at the end of every chapter. Tests will be out of 100 points. If you are absent for the day of the test you must make the test up within three days of the absence after school or activity period.



    Quarterly grades

    Daily homework: ≈ 20%

    Quizzes  ≈ 30%

    Tests  ≈ 50%


    Note: there will be a midterm in January that will count as two test grades averaged into the second quarter.


    Final Course Grade will consist of:

    Quarter One = 20%

    Quarter Two = 20%

    Quarter Three = 20%

    Quarter Four = 20%

    Final = 20%


    Extra Help:  I am available Monday through Thursday from 2:50 till 3:15.


    Have Your Parent Sign and Hand In No Later Than:

    Monday, September 13, 2021

    Precalc                                              Mrs. Yuhnke

    I have read and understand the guidelines in this Geometry Syllabus.

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