Algebra 2 Common Core

    Instructor: Alathia Yuhnke    E-Mail Address: ayuhnke@eastauroraschools.org

    Description of Course:

    Students who have successfully completed Algebra I and Geometry may consider taking this course. This course includes a review of topics from Algebra I and new topics may include complex numbers, conic sections, polynomial functions, logarithms, data analysis and probability.


    1) Pencils/Pens

    2) Binder (2 in) - to keep unit packets, loose leaf paper and graded papers in.

    3) Loose-leaf lined paper

    4) Graphing Calculator. (TI-83 Plus or TI – 84 Plus)

     **Must have supplies by September 11th!


    Possible follow up courses include: Precalculus and AP STATS


    Prerequisites: Algebra I Common Core and Geometry Common Core


    Students will cover the following topics:

    §  Algebraic Essential Review

    §  Functions

    §  Linear Functions

    §  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    §  Series and Sequences

    §  Quadratic Functions

    §  Imaginary Numbers and Complex Numbers

    §  Transformations of Functions

    §  Polynomials and Rational Functions

    §  Trigonometry

    §  Probability

    §  Statistics



    1.     Class starts as soon as the bell rings. At this time you should be in your seat starting on the Problem of the Day, and checking nightly homework. Class is over when I dismiss you, not when the bell rings.

    2.     Come to class prepared. You will need to bring your notes, pencil/pen, calculator, paper, and homework to class with you every day. You will be counted tardy if you have to go to your locker for any materials needed in class!

    3.     Get water and use the bathroom before class, not during class.

    4.     You are expected not to talk while I am speaking or interrupt while other people are speaking.

    5.   You are expected to use pencil and show work for all graded assignments, tests and quizzes.

    6.     Help your fellow classmates in a positive way that will benefit their learning. Come to class with a positive attitude and be willing to help those around you.

    7.     Ask questions and talk to me about concerns you have.

    8.     Cheating will NOT be tolerated in this class. For the first offense you will receive no credit for that particular assignment and your parent/guardian will be notified. Anything beyond one offense you will receive a discipline referral and will be sent to your assistant principal.

    9.     No food is allowed in the class. Students may have a drink, but if this becomes a problem, the privilege will be lost.

    10.   You are expected to work hard and to your best every day!



    Daily homework:

    ·         Daily homework will be given just about every night.

    ·         Daily homework will be graded based on completion.

    You will receive a percentage of 50 points every 5-week period (again based on completion)

    New this year, if you are unprepared for class (missing unit packet, calculator, paper, or writing utensil) you will lose one point from the 50 points allocated with daily homework.

    ·         If absent daily homework must be made up for the following day.


    Graded assignments:

    ·         All graded homework is expected to be completed and turned in on time. Late assignments will be worth at most 50%.

    ·         If you have an excused absence, you have 2 days to make up your work. It is your responsibility to check your folder for missed work during activity and get the notes on my webpage; then come to me if you have questions on the new material within a day. Also, anything due on the day of your absence is due the day you return.

    ·         If you know in advance you will be absent from class, you will need to come to speak to me to find out what you will need to make up. These assignments are due the next time I see you.



    ·         Daily quizzes are 10-points and will be recorded in the book once 5 quizzes have been given.

    ·         A quiz given during a class period is 50 points and will be complete solely in class.

    ·         Again if you have an excused absence, you have only 2 days to make up your quiz!



    ·         Test will be given at the end of the unit.

    ·         Within some units there will be a review sheet at the end of the unit to help study and prepare for the test. Some units will not have a review sheet.

    ·         Tests will be 100 pts and will have cumulative material on them.

    ·         Again if you have an excused absence, you have only 2 days to make up your test!



    Tests: 40%,

    Quizzes 20%

    Graded Assignments 20%

    Daily Homework 20%


    Cell Phones will NOT be used inside the classroom – this means I do not want to see them or hear them! If this rule is not followed the student will be sent to the office and appropriate actions will be taken.



    Parents can check all grades on parent portal, grades are updated weekly. This program helps everyone become more informed. It creates a constant connection between the teacher, student, and parent that helps everyone involved!


    Final Course Grade will consist of:

    Quarter 1: 20%

    Quarter 2: 20%

    Quarter 3: 20%

    Quarter 4: 20%

    Common Core Regents Exam: 20%


    A midterm will be given in January that will count as 200 points on the second quarter.


    Extra Help:

    I am available Monday through Thursday from 2:35 till 3:15, and every morning activity period.