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    Get Real, be rational


    Please click on the link on the left to find the Course Expectations and Requirements for Algebra II. 
     A Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator is REQUIRED for this class. You may purchase a TI-84+ Graphing Calculator at stores such as Walmart or Target or online through such sites as Amazon. A small number of school graphing calculators are available for students who are not financially able to purchase calculators. School calculators need to be signed out during the first two weeks of school and the student will be responsible for bringing the calculator to class each day.
    Flipped Classroom: In Algebra II Common Core we will be using software to Flip the Classroom this year. Students will be responsible for watching a 15-25 minute video at home and taking notes in the note packet. In class we will be doing problems and activities to reinforce the material from the video. (See Parent note attached to class syllabus)
    Materials:   Binder to store class note packets, looseleaf paper, pens, pencils, TI-84+ Graphing calculator


     Algebra II Common Core:


     Additional videos that go with our curriculum.