• Concert Band attire

    All students are expected to wear black for our concerts, unless otherwise specified.  

    Please note that the High School Music Department is looking into purchasing a uniform concert dress for our ensembles.  We will keep you updated regarding concert dress, but in the mean time, please follow the concert dress requirements as listed below:
    Gentlemen must also wear a long BLACK  tie (does not have to be black), black or dark socks, and black or dark shoes.  Sneakers, jeans, and tee-shirts are not appropriate concert dress.

    Ladies, if they should so choose to wear a skirt, must be at least knee length, worn with black nylons, and black shoes.  Dress pants are also acceptable.  Solid black long sleeve or short sleeve blouses are acceptable for concert attire.  Sleeveless shirts/ strappy dresses, rompers, black denim or skin tight leggings are not appropriate attire.   All concert dress must follow the district policy for dress code.