East Aurora High School Band Program

    Director:  Mrs. Paula O'Connor


    Office Phone: 687-2500 ext. 7225


     Concert Band
    The High School Band program is comprised of students in grades 9-12. Both the concert band and jazz ensemble meet every day. Both groups perform various genres of literature. The concert band performs three concerts during the school year as well as participate in school and community events.

    Band, Chorus and Orchestra all meet at the same time!!!  If you would like to be in band/chorus or orchestra/chorus or all 3, please sign up for the Music Performance Class with your guidance counselor.  You would alternate rehearsals, example: band ACE days and chorus BDF days.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Mrs. O'Connor (band), Mrs. Iorio (orchestra) or Mr. Blackwell (chorus).  

    •  Upon our 2021 school return, please clean your instruments (brass at home, dispose of last years used reeds, view my page Cleaning & Care)


    Personal Instruments: Please have your instruments in good working condition, as well as instrumental needs such as Reeds, Valve oil, cleaning swabs, etc...

    School Rentals are available to rent for a District fee for the entire school year and limited to large instruments only- I have trombones, tubas, Bass Clarinets, Tenor Saxophones, Bari. Sax


    Smaller instruments can be rented from local music stores (See the music stores list on my website for phone numbers and addresses)