• Procedure to return to 'game play'

    The following applies to those athletes who miss 15 consecutive (calendar) days or more of participation:

    If a player has not completed the required number of state practice days prior to his/her “hiatus”, that player must complete those practices using the standards established by the state. Those state practices plus “EA practices” must equal the number of practices stated below in order for a player to play in a contest. (i.e. a football player who is two practice days short of his state practice requirement is gone for 15 days. When he returns, he must complete the 2 state practice days using those standards and then he must complete a minimum of 3 days of EA practices to be eligible to return to play).

    If a player has completed the minimum number of practices required by the state and then misses 15 calendar days or more of participation (for a medical, or any other reason), he/she must complete the following (as a minimum) to return to participation in a contest. Players returning from an injury must be 100% cleared to resume practice in order to start counting these days (i.e. “return, as tolerated” is not 100% cleared).

    Sport & Minimum*
    Sport & Minimum*
    Sport & Minimum*
    Mod Soccer-4
    Mod Cross Country-4
    Cross Country-3
    Mod Basketball-4
    Field Hockey-3
    Mod Wrestling-5
    Mod Baseball-2
    Mod Softball-2
    Mod Field Hockey-3

    *This number may be decreased by one if the coach, athletic trainer and athletic director agree that there is overwhelming evidence that a player is ready to return to “game play.” Golfers must complete one practice.

    2. Practices for the purpose of returning to game play (“EA practices”)
       a. must be a minimum of 1 hour long. (1 1/2 –2 hours is preferable)
       b. may be held with just the player in question and the coach

       c. may count warming up (min. 1 hour) for a contest as a practice.  It is not permissible to count a warm-up for a contest as a practice and then play in that contest. The player must wait until the next day.

       d. must include conditioning in addition to sport specific drills/scrimmage (sit down, chalk talks do not count as a practice)

Last Modified on October 20, 2020