bballParkdale's Physical Education Department recently was awarded a $750 macro grant from the PTO to purchase an adjustable basketball backboard for the K-2 grade classes in the back stage gymnasium.  
       The hoop allows staff to vary instruction to accomodate and challenge students at different stages of development by enabling proper shooting technique regardless of their level of development or muscular strength. 
        When students are forced to shoot at a regulation hoop before they have developed the required degree of strength, they often compensate for success at the expense of technique.  Poor habits are consequently adopted as proper technique--muscle memory--to produce poor mechanics. 
        Pictured with students are instructors Molly McLaughlin, Rob Gipe and Michael Battel.

    boot campThanks to High School physical education teacher Christina Schutrum for sending news of various projects and activities in her department.  Students have enjoyed the EA Boot camp fitness unit, swinging on ropes and using slider boards (right). 
    Mrs. Schutrum is also the advisor for a group coordinated with the Boys and Girls club to educate the EA community about the Upstate NY Transplant Services Mission. These students are all interested in the medical field, are taking anatomy and believe in UNYTS.
    The Donate Life Club members below include Heather Scheer, Ashley Friess, Leah Bellus, Brianne Szopinski, John Voos.  Top row, Faith Robinson, Nicole Mason, Alex Weberg, Kate Brod, Johnny Werbitsky, Megan Hulton, Ean Tierney, Liz Vail, Christian Radziwon, Katie Schneider, Wesley Stubenbord, Emily Metzger, Abbi Boss.