"Macroeconomics" will be perhaps the most exciting and practical elective you will ever take since it teaches one how the world operates from a financial perspective in order to become a truly effective citizen." - Steve Latter

    Communist Apartment Buildings
    Soviet Style Apartment Buildings outside
    Warsaw, Poland

    Economics is everywhere, permeating your student's lives from birth through the rest of their life. Economics is life. Economics either controls their lives or they control their own lives through an understanding of Economics. Everything that happens in the world can be understood through an understanding of Economics. -Bill Barry AP Economics Teacher Fort Worth, TX

    Remember this is a college level class. It is my responsibility to teach you at a college level and prepare you for the AP Exam in May 18, 2018 (PM)

    I expect college level work and participation. 

    You may find that this class is difficult at times since many of you have very little background in Economics. It is my job to guide you through this year and get you to see how economics impacts you.  It impacts you more than you may think!
    Also please remember that AP Economics is a graduation requirement!!!!


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    Remnants of the Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany