Daniel Brunson
    Board of

    In his six years as Superintendent of Schools, James Bodziak has earned the respect and admiration of the East Aurora community. Tangible improvement in student achievement has been shown during Mr. Bodziak's years of leadership. His skillful financial management has reduced spending and controlled taxes. Mr. Bodziak has always been openminded and accessible to everyone with a concern. When he leaves us for the Frontier Central School District in February, he will be greatly missed.

    On another topic, the district needs to replace a section of the High School roof which has recently developed a severe leak. Anticipating the possibility of such needs, the Board created and funded a repair reserve several years ago. The project will be financed through a combination of state aid and reserve funds, requiring no tax increase. The voters’ permission is required and a referendum is scheduled for Tuesday, January 25th. The timing of the vote is essential in order to complete the work this coming summer.  Please take the time to consider the proposal and vote.