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    Grading Procedure

    40%  Unit Tests and Projects
    25%  Lab Reports
    20%  Quizzes and Classwork Assignments
    10%  Honework
    5%    Participation in Class

    Each class period also has a corresponding lab period that meets 2 of the 6 day
    cycle.  These labs must be turned in on time to receive credit.  No HW or Labs can
    be turned in late without a HW pass in order to receive credit for the assignment.

    5 week grades are always up to date and available

    All parents are encouraged to contact me for information on how their student is doing in class

    Earth Science
    Earth Science - New York Edition Glencoe Science
    Reviewing Earth Science by McGuire

    Environmental Science
    Environmental Science , "How the World Works and Your Place in It" by Jane Person


    Contact Information
    687-2300 ext 7161

    Office                 B177
    Classroom           B174