• Grading Policy
    All work for an entire grading period is considered in determining a student’s grade.  Class participation and a student’s homework are also factors that significantly influence grading.  Assessment is an ongoing process that stresses communication on the part of the student, teacher and parents/guardians.  Conferencing and weekly evaluative meetings between the student and teacher are very common.  In addition, parents are able to view their child’s progress via the school website at the link listed below: 



    Any student who receives a grade that is unsatisfactory to them has the option to retake a similar test on the same material once they have asked for, and received, additional instruction in the subject matter.  They may retake the test after school or during a free period during the day.  No student will be allowed to “retest” unless they have completed the required review materials.


    Grading System:


    Quarterly grades are cumulative, and final grades may include state and local exams.  Quarterly grades are based on a point system; and are entered and calculated through the utilization of an official district wide grade-tracking software called Power School.  Each assignment is given a weight and the average is calculated by dividing the total number of points earned by the number of points possible (e.g., with perfect scores on all graded work).


    Type of Grade       Weight of Grade (importance)


    Exams= 30 – 50 points each

    Test = 20-40 points each

    Quizzes= 10 – 20 points each

    Homework= 5-10pts each

    In-Class Assignments(e.g., activity participation, language comprehension and speaking tasks) = 5-10 points each

    Projects= 10-30 points each


    Explanation of the Point System (Power School) by Example


    Test = 30 pts (total of 300 pts for score of 100%)

    ·         Example = a student who received a 95% on this test has it count 3 times (95%x 3 = 285 pts)


    Homework = 10 pts (total of 100 pts for a score of 100% or a 10 /10)

    ·         Example =  a student received an 8 out of 10 (or an 80%) - this assignment counts only 1 time (80%x1=8o pts)


    Project = 20 pts (total of 200 pts for a score of 100% or 20/20)

    ·         Example = a student who received a grade of 16/20 (or an 80%) will receive 160 pts (80% x 2)


    Class Work (Listening Comprehension) = 5 pts (total of 50 pts for a score of 100% or 5/5)

    ·         Example = a student who received a grade of 3/5 (or an 60%) will receive 30 pts (60% x .5)




    The Quarter Grade of the Example = 85%


    555 pts = The total number of points earned = (285 test+80 homework +160 project+30 class work = 555pts)

    ( ÷ divided by)


    650 pts = The total number of possible points = (300 test +100 homework +200 project+ 50 class work = 650pts)

    Late or Incomplete Work:  Any late or incomplete assignments will loose the equivalent of 10 percentage points from the grade for each day that it is late.