Evaluation Guidelines (Rubrics and Checklists)

    Yearly averages are calculated as follows: each quarterly grade is worth 20% and the final exam is worth 20%. 
    Quarterly averages are calculated by points as follows: Assessments, essays, performances, tests, projects, quizzes, etc. are all worth points, ranging from 5 to 100.  Practice and/or Participation may also be awarded points, usually between 5 and 10 points per task.  Assignments in this category include, but are not limited to: homework, reading and writing practice, speaking and responding during class discussions or debates, etc.
    The following attachments are different rubrics and guidelines used in this course.  All of them are used as "overall" impressions of your work.  Therefore, please feel free to speak with me if you disagree with my assessment of what you produce.  Some types of work can be revised for better grades.