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    East Aurora High School

    High School Chorus



    Student Handbook


    Mr. Blackwell, Director



           Thank you for selecting to participate in the high school chorus!  This group has grown considerably over the last years, both in size and in talent.  You will be continuing a tradition of excellence and high expectations set by previous chorus students.

           The musical benefits will make you a better singer, as well as give you a better understanding of music.  The discipline, poise, teamwork and etiquette that you master in this class will help you in all aspects of your life.


    Mission Statement

           Work together as a group to learn and perform choral music to the best of our ability.


           Chorus members will achieve this primary goal by accomplishing the following objectives:

    1.             Members will be able to function with a vocal score.  They will observe, understand, and apply all musical symbols, tempo markings, and dynamic markings to their performances.
    2.             Members will work toward mastering proper singing techniques, including breathing, projection, and achieving a pleasing tone quality.
    3.             Members will be aware of, and practice, proper theatre/concert etiquette both as a performer and as an audience member.
    4.             Members will attend and participate in all required performances.


    Rehearsal Procedures


    1.             If you are healthy enough to attend school, it is assumed that you are healthy enough to participate fully in a chorus rehearsal, from warm-ups to the end of class.  If you are too sick to participate in chorus, you need to be at home. Sitting in class without participation will result in a “0” for the day. Numerous “0”s will result in a conference with the parent, to determine if the student wants to continue in chorus.
    2.             Just as important as your physical presence is your mental attitude.  This class is a volunteer class, and made up of students who want to enjoy singing as a group.  It is unfair and unprofessional to allow a person's negative attitude and/or lack of respect to interfere with other's enjoyment.  If someone is unhappy with an aspect of chorus, they should talk to Mr. Blackwell in private.
    3.             Chorus members are to be on time for daily rehearsals.  You are in the room when the bell rings.
    4.             NO eating or chewing gum is permitted during chorus.
    5.             Take your folder from the folder rack and promptly go to your seat.  Organize your music according to the agenda that is written on the board.
    6.             Talking is to cease when the rehearsal begins.
    7.             There is no other schoolwork allowed during chorus rehearsal.
    8.             Proper singing posture is to be exhibited while sitting or standing.  Mr. Blackwell will demonstrate proper singing posture.
    9.             You will need a pencil for rehearsal.
    10.         Pack up and put away music at the end of rehearsal – not before.
    11.         Return your folder at the end of class.
    12.         All substitute teachers are to be treated with proper respect.  If a chorus officer runs a rehearsal, they are to be treated like any other teacher.  All rules apply when the teacher is absent, and you will continue to exhibit your high standards of excellence.


    Performance Procedures

    1.             All performances scheduled outside of the school day will be announced in chorus rehearsal, posted on the teacher web page, and posted in the school calendar. Attendance at scheduled performances is a REQUIREMENT, NOT AN OPTION. If you cannot attend a concert, it is your responsibility to contact Mr. Blackwell before the concert (via note, phone message, or e-mail).  Absences at concerts are only acceptable under extreme circumstances.  Scheduling conflicts will not be allowed as an excused absence. THIS WILL BE CONSIDERED A CUT AND WILL RESULT IN A 25 POINT REDUCTION OF YOUR GRADE. 
    2.             Chorus members will report to the warm-up room designated by Mr. Blackwell promptly at the time announced in rehearsal.  The given time is always the time the warm-up will begin, NOT the time to arrive to school. Part of your grade is based on participation, and points will be deducted for tardiness.  Plan ahead!
    3.             Chorus members MUST have their complete uniform to perform:
    •               Men: Black button shirt, black tie, black pants, black socks and dress shoes.
    •               Women: Black, long sleeve shirt or blouse (high neck line), black pants, black dress shoes.

           If you do not participate in a concert due to an incomplete uniform, there will be a reduction in your grade.


    Discipline Procedure

    1.             Talk with the student, one on one, after class.
    2.             Detention with teacher during activity period
    3.             Referral to office, call home to parent
    4.             Conference with student, parents to determine future in class



           Your chorus grade is based on three criteria:

    •               Participation (50%)

     Active Participation- Active engagement in all aspects of the daily rehearsal including being prompt and prepared.  Not participating in class will result in a deduction in your daily participation grade. 

    -All students are required to come to class on time and participate in the rehearsal. A warning will be issued at 14 absences. Students that miss ten minutes of class time will be considered ABSENT.

    -A student must be present in school for five classes the day of the concert. (Exceptions may be made with prior Administrative approval.)

    -Students absent from the rehearsal will be required to make up the class by performing during activity period in order to earn daily participation points.

    -All make up performances are due by the last day of each quarter.

    -Students who arrive to the rehearsal after the beginning of class, and before ten minutes have expired, will be marked "late".  Students will have to perform for 1 activity period for every two "lates" in order to earn daily participation points. 

    •               -The teacher will be sending weekly reports to the office for disciplinary action regarding multiple late arrivals to class. 
    •               Singing (50%)  Students will have singing assignments, done during class or before school.  Students are allowed to redo this test in order to improve their grade.



           Each quarter, students can obtain extra points for their grade by the following:

    •               Auditioning and participating in choruses outside of school
    •               Auditioning and participating in the East Aurora musical
    •               Completing extra credit assignments, given out by the teacher each quarter.




           Music Performance Students:  Your chorus grade is 50% of your grade.  Check with your instrumental teacher to determine your instrumental portion of your grade, which is the other 50% of your grade.


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    (All concerts start at the HS Auditorium at 7:00 P.M.)


    Winter Concert

    Tuesday, December 17, 2019


    HS Prism Concert

    Tuesday, March 10, 2020


    HS/MS Pops Vocal Concert

    Tuesday, April 7, 2020


    Spring Concert

    Wednesday, May 13, 2020





    ECMEA Jr. High All County Auditions (Grade 9)

    Saturday, January 11, 2020 – Depew HS


    ECMEA Sr. High All County Quartet Auditions (Grades 10, 11, 12)

    Saturday, January 25, 2020 – BAVPA


    East Aurora High School Musical

    February 7, 8, 9, 2020


    ECMEA Jr. High South Festival (Grade 9)

    March 20-21, 2020


    ECMEA Sr. High Festival (Grade 10, 11, 12)

    March 27-28, 2020– UB


    NYSSMA Solo Festival 2020





    687-2490 ext. 1021


    Remind - @eahscho




    Dear EAHS student and parent,


           This handbook is to give you an understanding of the objectives, rules and expectations of this class.  Please read through it carefully, and contact me if you have any questions.

           If you agree to the expectations and rules of this class, please sign and return this page by Wednesday, September 18, 2019

           Thank you again for your support of music in the East Aurora School District.


                                                                         For Music,


                                                                         Mr. Blackwell






    I have read through the handbook, and understand the expectations, rules and grading procedure of this course.




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