This assignment will allow you (and the teacher) to observe good choral performances that are available on the web. 
        For each example, e-mail Mr. Blackwell the link (Paul_Blackwell@eastauroraschools.org), and answer the questions that are relevant to each example.  Use complete sentences, with correct spelling.
        Each example is worth 2 points on top of your quarter average.

    Example 1:  Traditional Chorus Performance
        Find a traditional chorus performance (high school group) on a video web site.  Answer the following questions:
    1.Is the piece a cappella, or accompanied by instruments?
    2.How would you describe the tone of the chorus – dark, nasally, younger sounding (like children), lots of vibrato, etc.?
    3.What is the dynamic range of this chorus – one dynamic level, or contrasts between loud and soft?
    4.Diction – I know many of these video performances have very poor quality audio, but can you understand the words?  What words are annunciated with clarity?  Does everyone end with the same consonant at the same time?
    5.Concert dress – what is the group (male and female) wearing?  How does it add or detract from the performance?
    6.Commitment and attitude – how are they standing?  Describe their facial expressions.  Are they involved with the music, and how can you tell?

    Example 2:  Swing Choir Performance
        Find a high school swing choir performance on a video web site, and answer the following questions:
    1.Appearance – what are they wearing?  How easy or difficult is it to move around in their attire?
    2.Song – What type of song are they singing – pop, jazz, country, etc.?  Are they singing with live instruments, or are they using a recording?
    3.Singing and dancing – how much singing and dancing occurs at the same time?  Is it possible to produce a good vocal sound while moving?
    4.Vocal tone – describe the vocal sound.  Is it dark, nasally, younger sounding (like children), a country sound, or something different?
    5.Commitment and attitude – how to they stand on stage?  Describe their faces – are they involved with the music?

    Example 3:  Chorus warm-ups
        For this example, find a video of a choral group doing a vocal warm-up.  For this example, any choral group (elementary, HS, college, church, etc.) is acceptable. 
    1.Sound – what vocal sounds are they producing for this warm-up? (Ah, oo, words, etc.)
    2.Dynamics – do the dynamics change for this warm-up?
    3.Range – does this warm-up go very high or very low?
    4.Repetition – how many times does the chorus repeat the warm-up?
    5.Movement – is there any movement with this warm-up?  (I am especially looking for warm-ups that involve movement).
    6.Mouth position – are the students dropping their jaw for the warm up, or keeping their mouths closed?