• Art Classes

    The High School Art Department is proud to offer one of the most well-rounded andcomprehensive course selections in a Western New York high school.Every student should find at least one class that appeals to theirinterests and abilities. Students should never feel intimidated abouttaking an art class because they “can’t” draw. “Talent”, as with otherschool subjects, is a skill that is developed through practice andeffort. We encourage all students to take some art courses, even ifthey do not plan to major in the visual arts after high school. Ifnothing else, you will learn to appreciate and understand art and lookat the world differently. Students planning to pursue a career in thearts will leave with a professional portfolio ready for collegepresentation. So, take a moment and go over the following descriptionsand consider art courses to take. We look forward to seeing students inthe art room!

    Please click on the links in the left column to read descriptions about each course.
    Feel free to contact the art teachers if you have any questions.
    Some courses are offered every-other year.
    See the guidance center to check what the current year offerings are.

    • Animation/ Cartooning
    • Art Honors
    Design & Digital Arts
    • Drawing
    • Film Academy: Film Production 
    Jewelry Design
    Journalism/ Yearbook Design
    Painting 1
    Painting, Advanced
    Photo Traditional
    Photo - Digital
    Roycroft Arts
    Studio in Art
    • 3 Dimensional Studio
    Video Study & Editing
    International Studies (Freshman and Sophomore Years)

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